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Joe, congratulations on an amazing day.  Everyone was excited by the turn-out and reaction and we are delighted to be a part of it. Thanks for our location and the support you extended.
  Best to you and your team,
 Barry E. Rost
Mohegan Lake Motors

It was an amazing event organized by an amazing group of people. Chereese, thank you and all involved for all your hard work to make this a successful event!
Lucy Landolfi Khorram

Another beautiful day, large turnout, happy crowd, successful event. Congratulations!
David Humphrey
Executive Assistant for Supervisor Siegel


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We loved the festival. We had people at our both all day long. Just wrote an estimate to someone we meet Sunday at the fair for $8000.00.
Thank you., Butch Effective Electric

..Wonderful crowds! Fantastic volunteers, ease of access for unloading and ability to park cars. You and the Chamber should be very happy & proud!
-Kitchen Magic